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Inspection & Reworking of an Exterior Mirror Assembly for the Automotive Industry

Inspection & Reworking of an Exterior Mirror AssemblyInspection & Reworking of an Exterior Mirror Assembly

Quality Service Group has extensive expertise inspecting and reworking components of various assemblies to ensure quality and certification requirements are upheld. We were contracted by a customer in the automotive industry to inspect and rework, as needed, automotive exterior mirror assemblies to ensure accurate assembly and zero nonconformity pass-through to the end users.

To begin this project, we developed an inspection plan and set up an area to accommodate takt time and throughput controls, as well as trained our inspection team on work instructions and procured required tools and supplies. Our in depth inspections of the variable non-geometrical parts then commenced to look for operational and cosmetic defects, while we applied witness certification marks and maintained inspection sequence logs. In some instances, we removed paint, reworked wiring harnesses and injection molded components, and repackaged the products. We also took digital photographs, compiled I-Chart and data collection reports, and work instruction documentation to supply to the customer for their records.

The 2 million assemblies were inspected and reworked, as necessary, within 1 year, and delivered to tier 1 automotive manufacturing facilities nationwide. Allow the expertise and high quality standards from Quality Service Group inspect your components to ensure your high standards are upheld. Contact us today.

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Automotive Component Inspection and Reworking

Automotive Components Inspection and Reworking Exterior Mirror Components / Washer Bottle Reservoirs
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Quality Wall Inspection
  • Inspection/Testing Plan
  • Training
  • Labeling
Material Procurement - Tools & Supplies
Rework of Injection Molded Components
Paint Removal
Product Repackaging
Wiring Harnesses Reworking
Overall Part Dimensions VARIABLE - Non-Geometrical - 12" x 15" x 8"
Material Used Material Worked With: Automotive Safety Components
Product Type: Exterior Rearview Mirrors
Additional Facts Research/Planning
Development of Inspection Process Plans, Preparation and Set-up of Inspection Area to accommodate tack time/through-put controls, Training of Inspection Team on Work Instructions, and Traceability and Labeling of Product, Procurement of Tools & Supplies

Engineering/Design Discipline
Quality Engineering Principles

Project Scope
Quality Wall controlled shipping inspection and End of Line Final Inspection with results of ZERO pass-through nonconformity to end customer. Additionally, Inspection for incorrect assembly operations as well as cosmetic and functional defects, etc. while applying appropriate witness certification marks and maintaining inspection sequence logs.
Documentation Supplied to Customer I-Chart & Data Collection Reports, Digital Photos, Work Instruction Documentation
Industry for Use Automotive (Car & Truck)
Volume 2 Million Assemblies
Delivery/Turnaround Time 12 Months
Delivery Location Tier 1 Automotive Manufacturing Facilities
Standards Met Customer Specifications, ISO 9001:2008
Product Name Exterior Rearview Mirror Assembly

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