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Inspection Services & Sorting Services

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Our number one priority is protecting the end customer from defective material escapes. Our sorting and inspection containment service does that and more for our customers by providing containment, part/product inspection, piece price sorting, rework, customer/supplier representation, and engineering support. We are experienced with all levels of controlled shipping (CS1 and CS2) containment at the customer's site, at a Quality Service Group off-site facility, or at the manufacturer's location. Following work instruction documentation, we provide data collection reports and a customer portal database with online access to reports.

During part/product inspection, defects are found through visual inspection, magnification and microscopic inspection, color variance inspection, fixture gauge inspection, and dimensional checks. If defects are found, our rework process will correct them using the necessary function which can include grinding, deburring, machining, clean-up, parts cleaning, rust removal, flash removal, reassembly, and teardown.

Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company ensures our customers that we understand the value of a quality. Learn more about our sorting and inspection containment service from the table below or feel free to contact us with any additional inquiries.


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Sorting & Inspection Containment Service Capability

General Capabilities
Part / Product Inspection
Piece Price Sorting
Customer / Supplier Representation
Engineering Support
Controlled Shipping (CS1 & CS2) Containment
Customer Site/Facility
QSG Off-Site Facilities
Manufacturer's / Supplier's Facility
Controlled Shipping (Level 1 & 2)
GP-12 Function
I-Chart Reporting
Ship Direct to End Customer
Documentation Work Instruction
Data Collection Reports
Customer Portal Database
Inspection Services
Visual Inspection & Sorting of Non-conforming Parts
Magnification & Microscopic Small Parts Inspection
Color Variance Inspection
Fixture/Gage Inspection
Dimensional Checks
Label/Shipment Verifications
Safe Launch
Controlled Shipping
Piece Price Inspection
Set Cost per Piece for Inspection, Sorting, Rework
Build Inspection Cost Into Quality of Product
Ship Direct to End Customer
Parts Cleaning
Rust Removal
Flash Removal
Salvage Flawed Product
Reduce Return Shipping Time & Costs
Customer / Supplier Representation A lean staff can mean a lack of available staff to meet your needs and that extra set of eyes and ears at your customer's location. QSG can provide professionals for assistance with your quality support needs such as:
  • Field Representation (Courtesy Customer Visitation)
  • Launch Support on New Programs
  • Line-Accumulation Defect Analysis/Reporting
  • Inventory Verification

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Retail (Packaging / Poly Bagging)
Lawn & Tractor
Industry Standards ISO 9001:2008
Accreditations SAI Global
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