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Inspection of a Wheel Hub Assembly for the Automotive Industry

Wheel Hub AssemblyWheel Hub Assembly

A tier 1 manufacturer of automotive parts needed a robust inspection/test plan developed for one of their products. Quality Service Group was contracted to develop and implement a plan for a line that manufactures a wheel hub assembly; this assembly is designed to provide enhanced safety features to a car's drive train. This automotive safety component, which features high tolerance machined surface with tolerances of 3 to 5 microns, is produced in quantities of 300,000 per year.

This customer needed a plan that would provide measurement and verification of end play tolerances using dial indicators, resulting in zero pass-through of nonconformities to the customer. Additionally, the plan required inspections for incorrect assembly operations, as well as damaged components (i.e. scratches, nicks, rust, etc.) while applying appropriate witness certification marks.

Utilizing quality engineering principals and methodology we developed an inspection and test plan that included preparation and set up of an inspection area which would accommodate TAKT time and through-put controls. To ensure proper implementation we also developed and administered a comprehensive training program to train their inspection team in the use the new measurement devices, as well as traceability and labeling. The resultant program achieved the required high safety guidelines, as well as the zero defect pass-through that the customer required. This project was complete at this customer's facility in only six months.

To learn more about this project, or the processes used to complete it, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Inspection & Test Plan Project

Product Description This wheel hub assembly is used to increase safety for a car's drive train and was inspected by Quality Service group for TIER 1 Automotive Parts Supplier
Inspection/Testing Plan Capabilities Applied/Processes
Inspection/Testing Plan
Rust Removal
Paint Removal
Inventory Control
Equipment Used to Inspect Part Dial Indicators
Overall Part Dimensions 10" x 6"
Tightest Tolerances 3 - 5 microns
Material Used
Material Worked With
Automotive Safety Components
Product Type
Hi-Tolerance Machined Surface Metal Components
Additional Facts Research/Planning
Development of Inspection/Testing Plans, Preparation and Set-up of Inspection Area to accommodate TAKT time/through-put controls, Training of Inspection Team to use Measurement Devices, and Traceability and Labeling of Product, Procurement of Tools & Supplies.

Engineering/Design Discipline
Quality Engineering Principles

Project Scope
Inspection measurement of End Play using dial indicators from 3-5 microns tolerance level with results of ZERO pass-through nonconformities to end customer. Additionally, Inspection for incorrect assembly operations as well as damaged components (i.e. scratches, nicks, rust presence, etc. while applying appropriate witness certification marks.
Documentation Supplied to Customer I-Chart & Data Collection Reports, Visual Photo Samples
Industry for Use Automotive Industry
Volume 300,000 units
Delivery/Turnaround Time 6 months
Delivery Location In-House Facility
Standards Met Customer Specifications
ISO 9001:2008
Product Name Wheel Hub Assembly

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